Find out about natural bee housing

Why Every Beekeeper should test one of these boxes

Do wild bees survive as treatment-free, this hive is designed to test that. Do large, well vented hives encourage veroa mites? This little box is the first off-the-shelf treatment-free test hive. Put it out, comes with swarm attractant and see what happens (and let us know).

Ez-Bees has pulled together the best of traditional beekeeping, current science, and simple design to give you a method of housing bees – without keeping them.

Click on the MENU tab to explore what we’re working on. Especially interesting are the articles by Dr. Thomas Seeley (used with permission) and Dr. Leo Sharashkin. Both have spent decades understanding bees in their natural settings and working toward a return to nature in letting bees care for bees.

The design and methodology of Ez-Bees is based largely on the work of these two scientists. We are not interested in attempting to KEEP bees. Rather we are working to help ordinary people provide houses and habitat to restore bees and their pollination.

Here is a short video with Dr. Tom Seeley from Cornell University explaining Darwinian Beekeeping.*Dr. Seeley has inspired our design but has not endorsed it in any way

Dr. Tom Seeley explains his concept of Darwinian (Natural) Beekeeping

Ez-Bees Story Powerpoint download

Join The Natural-Bee-Keeping Study

Ez-Bees is in communication with bee scientists at four major research universities about launching a natural bee keeping study early in 2022. The research goal is to establish the validity of housing existing wild bees in a variety of settings (urban, suburban & rural) and different climate zones across North America.

Participants will receive one simple bee house and asked to monitor several potential milestones in the lives of bees. There may be a cost associated with participation (we want serious research participants) but it will be significantly less than what beginning bee keepers usually spend to start with bees. We look forward to hearing from you.