The Story Of Ez-Bees Poly-Layens Hives

Ez-Bees has pulled together the best of traditional beekeeping, current science, modern manufacturing to give you a way to help & house bees – without keeping them.

Darwinian Beekeeping with Tom Seeley, Professor at Cornell University

Dr. Tom Seeley, Professor of Biology, Cornell University explains his views on Darwinian Beekeeping.
Founder of explains the inspiration of our hive system.
This PowerPoint lays out the important influences in developing our hives

2 Replies to “The Story Of Ez-Bees Poly-Layens Hives”

  1. Where are you located? What is the cost of the poly small hive. How many frames are in the hive. We built and have many 7 frame swarm traps but now we moved to Arizona we need cooler hives. Please let me know the cost and shipping. Thank you. Zip 85367
    We have 10 hives at our orphanage in Baja Mexico

  2. We’re located near Milwaukee, Wis. These are 12 frame Layen’s hives. They also happen to hold 20 double deep Langstroth frames (stacked together), They are designed to be shipped (they are adapted insulated shipping cartons). We are pricing them at $250 plus shipping – frames are included. We recommend that the exterior be painted with outdoor latex to protect from UV sunshine.

    Sorry I didn’t realize there were any comments on the page.

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