Bee Involved

Find out how you can participate in the Ez-Bees adventure. We all would like to find a group that we can give to or a club to join… but watch this video and get involved!

“… find the ONE thing that YOU can do… it will build, that’s how movements happen.”
Dr. Mark Winston, Simon Fraser University

Bee Adacious International Conference, 2016

“I never thought I could have bees.
I can’t lift the heavy boxes,
don’t know what bees need.
Hate the idea of bee “keeping”
using pesticides, fungicides and feeding sugar.
Ez-Bees gave me a perfect way to get started.
Just put it in my yard and wait for the bees.
All my friends think its cool.
I am so excited I got involved early to

Rose Gardener (fictional),
Environmentalist in her own yard

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