What Could We Do? Angelina Jolie

In 2021, Angelina genuinely embraced the cause of honeybee health. In the Vogue video, she reiterates the issues which we all know and then asks, “As I started working with Guerlaine, we spoke often about the bee… and then we really started to talk about what could we really do to improve the situation?”

On World Bee Day, May 20, 2021 , Jolie generated buzz for the Women for Bees program in a National Geographic photoshoot with bees roaming her face.

What most people do not realize is that many countries have far healthier honeybees than here in the USA. US beekeepers lost an average of 40% of their honey bee colonies in 2018.

Further, Natural Beekeeping advocates like Dr. Thomas Seeley, Cornell University and Dr. Leo Sharashkin point to the persistent survival of wild honeybees as proof that ‘modern’ commercial honey production (domestication) is harmful, dangerous and ultimately weakens our honeybees.

To answer Angelina’s question, by far the best thing (and it is such a simple thing) we can do, is restore habitat to the WILD honeybees. This provides both genetic and method diversity. For all time, honeybees have survived on their own. Only in modern times have they been threatened. Perhaps it says more about our ‘methods’ of domestication. The most dangerous threat to honeybees is human domestication and habitat destruction. What can we do? Re-Wild the bees by giving them small, well insulated houses. Let them move in on their own and multiply.